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Busy busy!

I've been busy working on a new system for SWG that I've neglected my blog altogether.  I know only a few people read this blog, as I haven't posted it out publicly.


The new system I'm working on has been published by SOE as a PvP battlefield system.  I've done many PvP updates in the past, but this is an entirely new system.  A battlefield requires many moving parts.  The main parts of the system missing are (per battlefield object):

1) Tracking who wants to play

2) Tracking who is joining

3) Tracking who is playing

4) Battlefield statistics


The above list seems simple.  The devil is in the details.  I'm over 4000 lines of code, not including datatables tracking objects, game rules, and map modifications.  I expect I'll spend four more weeks finishing up and fixing bugs.  After that, I will spend some more time blogging and doing pet projects on the side (XNA 3.0 is really fun to play with).


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