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WoW, Finally!

Some years ago...2003 or so...  The lead designer on Ultima Online at the time (Tom Chilton) left to go to work at Blizzard.  Meanwhile, I was working on getting an unannounced project prototyped at EA.  Once he left, I took over the design documentation for the project and did design, server programming, and art for the project.  It was crazy to have so much responsibility and exhilarating at the same time.

I knew friends and family beta opened up for WoW that next summer, but I refused to ask Tom for entrance into it.  I wanted to be pleasantly surprised by the game, as Blizzard had never let me down (and still hasn't) with a game.  I finally caved in and joined beta later on towards the end of the summer.

I've played in a couple guilds, did 40 man raiding, and so forth.  I've been playing and making MMO's for so long, but WoW really has a good bit of what I like in a game.  My last geared character was some years ago, though.  I didn't bother with heroics in Burning Crusade due to my newborn son, at the time.

Now that I have some time, I've been raiding three times a week with my guild.  I know my character is not where I want it and that my build is not the top DPS for PvE, but I like the build I have.  I finally got a lil sword that I've been drooling over for my character's appearance (not to mention its stats).  Just have to say "thanks" to Scalebane for putting up with my shit for so long.  I'll have more shit to sling in the future.



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