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Top 10 PC Games from my Childhood

Top 10 Games From My Childhood Notes: 
Zork I played my first computer game on a TRS-80.  I might have played Adventure before this one, but Zork stood out above Adventure.  The movement controls captivated me and were the central part of games I programmed in the 80's (n e s w).  I was nine years old, when I played this game at a friend's house.  I had my first computer course for my merit badge soon afterwards from a computer science teacher, who happened to be his mother.
Wizlair //e This game was coded by an electronic engineering and computer science double-major at Rice University and evolved over a couple years from 1986 to 1987.  His alias was Wizard //e and his BBS was coded on an Apple //e in Houston, Tx.  The game was roughly ten megabytes (huge, at the time).  It was the first RPG PvP I participated in.  Of course, my assassin character was the #1 character against over 100 participants in 1987.  Hayes Smartmodems ruled back then, btw.
Kyrandia Multiplayer In 1988, a friend of mine ran a Galacticomm Major BBS system.  The system was 32 lines and by this time I had two 2400bps modems to connect to it.  Kyrandia was the first real-time multiplayer RPG I played.  Its system consisted of simple levelling through quests.  It had permadeath and the rock/paper/scissors spell system meant that there was no random ranges of damage for spells.  Exhausting your mana at maximum level did maximum damage always.  We found many loopholes in this game that many people would now call exploits.  I wrote many muds afterwards in the 90's because this game realized my dream of multiplayer RPG's.
Ultima 3 My favorite RPG for all the old tile-based systems.  I played this game for days and days.  I was 12 years old and played it on my Apple //e.  I hated whirlpools eating my ships with a passion.  So, I had a parkinglot of ships hidden behind the silver serpent.
Wizardry 1 This is the first game ever bought for me on my Apple //e.  It's also the first game I ever played that had graphics on a PC.  It's the first game I ever farmed mobs for loot in and used directional arrows to navigate the dungeon.
Bard's Tale The first RPG 3D (psuedo) that did not use lines for walls I ever played.  I played this game so much!  I think the summoners and their summoned creatures were farmed by my hands thousands and thousands of times.
Dungeon Master This game was the first real-time graphical 3D simulated video game I ever played.  It also was the first game that I experienced 3D simulated sound (I can hear those skeletal knights getting closer!).  Aside from those firsts, it was extremely fun.  Very few RPG's use such a huge quantity of puzzles, tricks, traps, and mazes packed together as this game did.  I would not be surprised if many people consider this the best RPG made in the 1980's for personal computers.
Trade Wars This BBS game was not the first futuristic game I played, but it was the most popular and it was very addictive.  I manually drew maps for the random generator until I gave up.  I think I played on over five different BBS's, at one time, due to the login time limitations.  I later played Yankee Trader and then the multiplayer chat system version.  This game taught me about randomly generated star maps and warp lanes.  I like random maps, but hate warp lanes in space games due to this game (gank at the exit point anyone?).
Pinball Construction Set This game was so customizable.  You could even draw your own picture that represented your pinball's backboard.  I played this game endlessly as a junior high student.  It wasn't until Archon came along to knock it out of my hands.  1983 was the first time I played a game that allowed user generated content.


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