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Current Games I'm Playing

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Street Fighter 4BlankaSF4 got a 95 metacritic for the PS3 version!  It can't be wrong, can it?  I've been playing to see if I can get back in my Blanka groove.  Strangely enough, I can now throw fireballs and dragon punches on this version.  Maybe the controls were harder on previous versions....
Everquest 2DrissI switched to a server with a lot of SOE friends.  I had to tweak the game to get antialiasing functional, since it doesn't have video options for it.  Once I got AA working, it's looking a lot better.  Although, I'm so used to stylized textures that the game's art direction annoys me.
Left4Dead Francis Francis hates everything. Especially zombies. I giggle a lot when I hear the erie music harbinging a zombie rush. My favorite moment was watching Brunhylda's body fly by (Scalebane guildie from WoW) after getting punched by a tank off the roof of the hospital. 
Fallout 3 Vault Dweller Excellent graphics. Excellent world. Interesting targeting system. A nice duality of good and evil paths you can take. I might try to finish the storyline someday after I finish the oodles of hours finding stuff in the world. 
Dwarf Fortress Dwarves Dwarf Fortress is an ASCII based game that is constantly being developed by one programmer. It has a large fanbase and can be modded to have graphics. I play this game to try out different RTS strategies that no other game can provide. If you can stand the horrible interface, you'll realise that this game is a gem. 
Stronghold Crusader: Extreme A crusader This game really is extreme and niche. It's only for the hardcore RTS player. Its graphics are dated, but if you think you're hardcore - think again after trying the first map. 
World of Warcraft Ruy PvP'ing it up... 
Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword Julius Ceasar I've been playing Civilization for as long as long as the series has been out. There's no need to put it on the dead list, because I never get tired of it. 
Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander: Fragile Alliance Any side While Company of Heroes is micromanaged and small, Supreme Commander is massive. It is definitely an evolution of real time strategy, with its many interface improvements. It ranks as one of my favorite games of 2007, so far. The expansion is riddled with bugs, though. 
Half-Life Counterstrike: Source Engine & Team Fortress 2 Hanse I play on random servers. Mostly, tfc_2fort for TF2 and dust maps for CS. 


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