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All those old designer blogs...

I am not sure where a lot of them have gone.  I'm slowly gathering together and posting them in my old designer posts section.  I've noticed that many of the SWG and UO blogs that were posted for players to read are gone (deleted, archived and not posted, etc).  I'll do my best to track them down and put them on my blog.  Posting them here is mainly for nostalgic reasons, of course.  Some of it is interesting reading and some of it is simple communication to players.

I'll post some serious MMO topics for system designers on this blog.  I have been mulling my first topic for some time.  I just want to get the outline and rough draft down.

I've sketched out a graph for it, but for some reason the newest version of Excel doesn't have the graphing feature to modify axis labels (probably does, but it's hidden or something).


Other than that, I finished up my system designs this past week for SWG and I'll be starting up brainstorming on the next set of sprints (guess everyone is being trendy using the scrum system for game development these days) this week.


And now... a childhood pondering of what happens below Qbert...



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